Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Probably the best looking Carlesberg Telescopic Bollard in the World!

If Carlsberg made a telescopic bollard it would probably be this one!
I think this is the most attractive telescopic bollard on the market. This is a cast polyurethane bollard on a telescopic locking mechanism.
This has got to be the best looking lockable telescopic bollard available.

 Reflective band installed in the recess.

 Integral lock and drop down handle in the top of the bollard
Bollard dropped back into below ground housing with hinge flap dropped back into place so there is no trip hazard.

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The All New Solar Centre Island Column Beacon

The all new Solar powered Centre Island Beacon c/w 25w solar panel is 76mm post top mounting. The unit incorporates a photocell so the unit operates only during the hours where power needs to be consumed from dusk to dawn.
In areas where the southerly aspect may be limited for harvesting the suns energy, a second solar panel can be added and positioned on the post to gain as much solar energy as possible. This is vital for areas further north in the country especially during the winter months. Fit it and forget!
We can supply all the items you require to make your centre island crossing point totally solar powered including illuminated signs and illuminated keep left bollards. This is a great saving on installation costs.
This product is also available as a flashing Belisha Beacon version.

Large 25W Capacity solar panel

Belisha Beacon Version
For further information please contact Sales on 01189 404717

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Harefield High Street Regeneration use Street Furnishings Bollards

Harefield Village Green
New Manchester bollards installed at crossing point

Harefield High Street regeneration has just had Street Furnishings Manchester Bollards in cast polyurethane. Black finish complete with a high visibility yellow reflector installed by doing this it makes the bollards DDA compliant. This is the Disabilty Discrimination Act advice for bollards for use in public areas, where the visually impaired will benefit from the installation of this type of bollard.
For more info please give us a call on 01189 40471
High Intensity Yellow Reflectors installed

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Solar Belisha Beacon

"Slimline Style"

We are able to supply the fab & powerful 25W solar cell in portrait style to give a slimline look with less overhang. This can prove to be a benefit for locations where the Globes are positioned on tight corners where clearance is very limited and large vehicles may knock the edge of the panels.
With this version no problems.

We still provide the landscape style as standard, so if interested in the slimline version please state this is the version you require.

Contact us on 01189 404717

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

TfL Bollard with built in signage

TfL Bollard with built in Signage

The Transport for London bollard complete with 2 built in signage for use to indicate a shared pedestrian footpath and cycleway.No ugly sign plates strapped to the bollard!

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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Engraved Hardwood Bollards

Hardwood Bollard with Crane Engraving

We have recently supplied some Engraved Hardwood Bollards with a fancy logo engraved into the top section to highlight an area within a local Council.

This Engraving process has many application possibilities for instance could be used for Woodland Park walks, Company logos for corporate identity in a traditional style from a renewable source of material for a bollard.
Once the bollard was engraved it was then highlighted by black infill.

Should you have any ideas for an application to suit your requirements, please contact sales on 01189  404717

Friday, 15 May 2015

New Manchester Coffin Bollard

New Manchester Coffin Bollard

Brand new to our range of bollards is the introduction of a cast polyurethane
Manchester Bollard which is hinged and rotates at the base.

The bollard displayed in the upright position with 
Coffin door in locked position.
 Coffin door unlocked and open to accept the bollard.

The Bollard in its resting position

Coffin lid in locked position, presenting no trip hazzard.

We are able to supply most of our Cast polyurethane bollards in this coffin format now.
Please contact our sales on 01189 404717 for details.