Monday, 23 March 2015

New canopy for Heathrow Airport

New Canopy for Heathrow Airport

We have just recently completed the supply & erection of a new canopy in Heathrow airport.

Pictured below is the before and after shots.
The new canopy creates a much lighter environment for passengers to use especially as it is used for access to a subway. It also helps light reach down the steps of the subway maker it safer to use.



The photo also shows one of our Solar Belisha Beacons that are used around the Heathrow crossings.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

New Smart e bin


Unique and colourful bins made from 100% recycled material

Only £147.90 each delivered.
Mainland UK

These eye-catching bins are made from old bins which have been chipped up, an ideal way to recycle your old plastic bins.How’s that for helping develop your sustainability policy!The smart-e bin process uses recycled material direct from our factory, therefore the end result and colour combination cannot be guaranteed. We can promise that the smart-e bin will be eye-catching though!

 Above examples of the random finish achieved by this process, so making each bin unique, a total one off!! 

Also available in open top version.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Supermarket Bollard with extension for Signage

Supermarket Bollard with Sign Extension

The Bollard that declutters your Car Park!

One of our clients has sent us a photo of an adaption they have made to our supermarket bollard to enable them to have signage on view above the bollard.

This not only reduces the cost of installation for a post for the required sign, but also declutters the car park area for essential space.
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Thursday, 13 November 2014

B17 Flying Fortress Sunrise Serenader Memorial Stand

B17 Flying Fortress

"Sunrise Serenader" Memorial Stand

 Street Furnishings Limited were selected to design and supply the memorial to the crew of the B17 Flying Fortress ‘Sunrise Serenader’ which crashed in Wargrave, close to our premises, on 13th November 1943.

 9 of the 10 crew were lost when the bomber broke up in mid-air over Shiplake Meadows, the only survivor being Radio Operator T/Sgt Alan B Purdy who parachuted out of the broken fuselage after the tail section broke away. The explosion and crash on 13 November 1943 was witnessed by Jim Waldron from Wargrave and Mary Burge from Shiplake.
Mr Waldron, now 84, said: "It was on a Saturday, I was in the back bedroom and we heard this engine noise but didn't think anything of it.
"Then suddenly there were these loud crashes and bangs - two of the bombs had crashed into River Thames.
"I saw the plane heading towards Henley and then transform into a rolling ball of fire.

"Then the burning aircraft broke in half."
The memorial plaque, designed by Mr Waldron & Street Furnishings. The plaque shows the flight path of the crashing plane over Shiplake and Wargrave, where the bombs were jettisoned, where bits of the plane fell, where the survivor landed and where the nine died.

Maidenhead MP Theresa May unveiled the memorial with eyewitnesses Jim Waldron from Wargrave and Mary Burge from Shiplake

The Memorial has been unveiled by the Rt Hon Theresa May M.P. in the presence of Brig. General Dieter Bareihs, U.S. Defence Attaché on 13th November 2014, 71 years after the crash and will be covered by regional Television, Radio and Press.

General Dieter Bareihs US Defence Attaché with MSgt Donald Grindstaff saluted the memorial.

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Street Furnishings 25 Years Young

Street Furnishings 25 years

Street Furnishings have been trading successfully now for 25 years.
Starting in September 1989 we have been supplying Local Authorities & contractors with a vast range of Street Furniture.

So a big thank you to all our customers and here's looking forward to the next 25 years service to the Industry.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

All new Street Solar Signlight Unit @ under £700


New to our range of Street Furniture is The Street Solar Signlight unit as pictured below.
Its constructed from robust LM6 aluminium die casting with discreet vandal resistant fixings and polycarbonate glazing.
Superbright LED clusters  with a wider beam angle that are only 2.5watts.
The unit comes complete with a photocell set at 55lux.
50,000 hours life with an operating temperature of -15degrees c to +50 degrees
Available in 3 colours Grey, Silver or Black finish
A standard 76mm post top bracket is the standard fitting.


Also available a double headed light unit for back to back signs

Double light unit @ £1050

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on 01189 404717