Friday, 30 November 2012

Latest Solar Powered Signlite

Latest Solar Powered Signlight

Further to our launch of the only solar powered self contained unit on the market.

We are delighted to publish pictures of the latest version now available which has an improved custom made aluminium light head, replacing the plastic head supplied previously.

 The new head is more compact, but using the same super bright LED unit gives out more than enough light to illuminate standard road signs.

 The solar unit being seperate to the light head means you can swivel the PV unit to enable it to make the most of the sunlight.The PV unit also incorporates a photocell, to save energy so the light unit only is switched on during the hours of darkness.
I hope that you agree that this latest version is a neat clean design which can be mounted onto any 76mm post, not requiring a large base section as the battery is incorporated in the post top unit.

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