Thursday, 15 September 2011

Big Max Defeated by Attack of the Darleks

Since the demise of the Big Max Cable Cover Bollard, Street Furnishings has the answer for a suitable Bollard to be put out on site to cover temporarily a damaged keep left bollard or centre island or lamp column.

Street Furnishings Darlek Cable Cover!!

Available in Yellow or Orange

Stackable Darleks

What is the collective noun for a collection of Darleks?

Spot the odd one out, the cable covers are available with different legends to suit your need.

Weighing in at 17kgs they are self weighted and do not fall over. (they cannot climb stairs either!)

Height 1170mm

Base 710 x 710mm Hegagonal.

Just give us a ring on 01189 404717  to find out more, (no need to hide behind your sofa) these darleks are very user friendly!!

Darlk with his friend the Sentinal pictured bottom left.