Friday, 30 November 2012

Latest Solar Powered Signlite

Latest Solar Powered Signlight

Further to our launch of the only solar powered self contained unit on the market.

We are delighted to publish pictures of the latest version now available which has an improved custom made aluminium light head, replacing the plastic head supplied previously.

 The new head is more compact, but using the same super bright LED unit gives out more than enough light to illuminate standard road signs.

 The solar unit being seperate to the light head means you can swivel the PV unit to enable it to make the most of the sunlight.The PV unit also incorporates a photocell, to save energy so the light unit only is switched on during the hours of darkness.
I hope that you agree that this latest version is a neat clean design which can be mounted onto any 76mm post, not requiring a large base section as the battery is incorporated in the post top unit.

For further details or information contact sales on 01189 404717
or email us at

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Seeing is Believing

Seeing Is Believing 2012

The Retroreflective Bounceback Nightowl Bollard which will be on demonstration at SiB from  20th / 2st & 22nd November 2012

Street Furnishings are pleased to announce that they will be assisting Leafield Environmental in demonstrating the Self Righting Retroreflective Nightowl Bollard and the  LED fully Illuminated Nightowl.
The event will be held at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, Leicestershire on 20th to the 22nd November 2012.
 A great venue with great facilities.

Nightowl Illuminated Breakdown showing the LED Lighting Unit & Duct Box
  • An existing exhibition hall with all the necessary amenities
  • An outdoor demonstration area immediately outside the exhibition hall for static demonstrations
  • A substantial outdoor track offering greater flexibility for demonstrations of all kinds
The unique quality of this event allows visitors to see products in a real working environment
The November conditions enable the products to be seen in daylight, dusk and darkness.
Regular demonstrations out on the track throughout the day with vehicles to take you there and back mean that you don’t miss anything.
Great opportunity to network with key industry players.

For further details on the Nightowl range please phone our sales on 01189 404717
or visit our website

Seeing Is Believing Workshop Programme 2012

Where seeing really is believing.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Britain's Toughest Bollard

Highways team hail

Gateshead Council’s Highways Engineering Team believe they have found a contender for the “Toughest Bollard in Britain”.

The Night Owl bollard from Street Furnishings is situated at a former accident black spot near Birtley.
It has been nudged, whacked or run over virtually every day for over 12 months and is still standing and performing its duty.
The ‘T’ junction, situated on a virtually blind bend in the road, was notorious for collisions as vehicles ‘cut the corner’ despite the give way warning signs and associated road markings.
In an attempt to prevent this, the council constructed an island complete with two Night Owl keep-left, bounce-back bollards which have dramatically reduced accidents.
The corner remains ‘tight’ and although drivers are now approaching it with more care, many larger vehicles still cut the corner and hit the Night Owl bollard nearest to the junction.
Ian McCran of Gateshead Council said: “The scheme has been a great success in reducing collisions.
“And it has proven to us the inherent, outstanding durability of Leafield’s Night Owl sign bollard; so much so that it is now Gateshead’s current preferred choice for keep left self-righting bollards.”
So impressed have the Council been with the performance of the Night Owl that they are about to trial the recently introduced Illuminated Night Owl which is base lit with a high performance LED and is reported to be so energy efficient that it costs less than £4 per annum to operate.

Breakdown of Illuminated Nightowl showing LED unit and Duct Box Base

Supermarket Bollards

If you are looking for Bollards that are good value for money, made from recycled plastic, available in a removable, or anti ram raid version all with reflectors so as they are DDA compliant, look no further.

Bollards used by Waitrose.

Bollards used by Sainsburys.

Bollards used by Tescos.

Bollards used by Costco.

For further information on any of the bollards above or any other bollard requirements , please contact our sales team on
01189 404717

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Streetsafe Bollards

Streetsafe Bollard Range

Street Furnishings are pleased to announce its new range of Plastic Bollards.

The Streetsafe Bollard Range.

The range covers a whole spectrum of uses from cyclesignage bollards, verge posts, flexible bollards, anti ram bollards.
The majority of the bollards are available in a cast in version, socketted removable version, or a surface fix version.

The complete range are made in the UK with all replacement parts available quickly.

For further information regarding this range please contact sales on 01189 404717

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Street Furnishings gain Exor Cerification

Street Furnishings gain Exor Certification

Street Furnishings have been independantly assessed by Exor Certified Supplier programme, and have passed gaining full accreditation as an ISO 9001 supplier.

Street Furnishings are delighted to have gained this additional sign to indicate to the public that we take the role of being a quality supplier seriously.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bramley Seat

Our Popular Bramley Seat is now available with engraving directly into the hardwood back.

We have always offered the option of engraved plaques, but these are smaller and can restrict the amount of lettering that can be sensibly engraved.

With this direct engraving the lettering is a lot larger and more easily legible.
We are able to offer this option on our traditional Park Bench as well.
The Bramley is our most popular bench seat as it is competitively priced whilst being very robust.

Available in root fix or surface fix bolt down, with or without a seat arm option.
This seat can also be made in a hexagonal version with or without a back, which is ideal for seating placed around a tree. A curved option is also available.
Availability is usually around 2 weeks as these seats are all made to order.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Waitrose Height Restriction Barrier

Waitrose Car Park in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire

New to Gerrards Cross is the Waitrose Supermarket with a handy car park which has now had our custom made Waitrose height restriction barrier installed to control the type of vehicles that will have access to park. 

This model finished in a black powder coated finish ( to match the weather for the day the photo was taken) has the option of being able to be opened fully via a padlock fixing.
The beams simply hinge back and can be locked in the open position if required, with additional catch posts for access by emergency vehicles etc.

The barriers are all custom made to customers requirements for height and width, another option available is a knocking bar which hangs below the horizontal bar to act as a warning to over height vehicles of the liklehood of being too high for the barrier.
Please contact our sales on 01189 404717 for any further information.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Chorleywood Lions Football Team

Chorleywood Lions Football Team Roar through another season.

Well done to all the team , Manager & Coaches for another long hard fought season.
The team are now taking a well earned break from the pitches of Hertfordshire to rest their boots ( and maybe clean them) in preparation for next season.
The team, part of CCYFC (Chorleywood Common Youth Football Club) based in Chorleywood Herts
Pictured below at the home ground  in a mixture of Home kit (Black & White stripes) but mainly in the most excellent Sky Blue away kit sponsored by Street Furnishings!

Good Luck for next season guys!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

LED Nightowl baselit self righting Bollards Hit the Streets

First Pictures of the all New LED Self Righting Nightowl base lit bollard installed last week.
The bollards are  fixed securely to the Duct box that comes with the unit.
The Highly efficient 7.5W power consumption LED unit is of course controlled by photocell saving power during daylight hours.

The new  Nightowl is one of the new generation reflective Self Righting Bollard (SRB) whilst being retro reflective and can take impact after impact where other bollards would start to give up!!

The Night Owl bollard has passed the following British Standards:
BS 8442:2006(14) for Retro Reflective Self Righting Bollards
BS12767 Passive Safety of Non Harmful Structures (70,NE,4)
BS EN 12899-2:2006 5.6.4 Torsion Test
Approved by the DfT (Department for Transport). 

The design is to match the standard Nightowl retro reflective self righting Bollard to allow harmonised schemes of both illuminated and non illuminated products.

For any further information please contact our sales office on 01189 404717.

Monday, 14 May 2012

New Community Notice Board for Burnham

Burnham High Street in South Buckinghamshire  recently unveilled there latest purchase of our 

The large Notice Board (1542mm x 1092mm ) finished in Cobalt Blue has two lockable swing doors enabling plenty of local details to be easily displayed.

But if this was not enough room for the busy High Street of Burnham, no worries as this unit is double sided!
To really finish off the Notice Board the top & bottom section is sign written along with their Burnham Village logo.
The unit is installed with our Langford style posts and finials t tie in with the other street furniture located in the High Street.

We have many other designs available just contact our Sales on 01189 404717.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ridgeback Cycle Stand

Question: When is a Pedigree Ridgeback dog not a dog?
On the catwalk today is Jameson,
 rakishly sporting a azure blue collar, setting off his dark sultry eyes!

Answer: When it is a all New Cycle Stand!!

Not sporting a blue collar,
 but fully signed up TfL style reflective cycle parking logos.

The stand is a Black cast polyurethane moulding onto a steel core for additional strength.
The stand requires virtually zero maintenance and being made of polyurethane is very robust, but very kind to the cycles that use it as they will never get scratched by these stands.
The design also incorporates a ridge design on the top bar, which helps keep padlock chains in place, so as they do not slide along the bar and scratch the cycles parked.

The Ridgeback Cycle Stand the Doggys Do Das of the Cycle Parking World!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sainsburys Anti Ram Bollards by Street Furnishings

A couple of photos of the Anti Ram Bollards used by Sainsburys Supermarkets supplied by Street Furnishings.

The Plastic Anti Ram Bollards are designed to be easy to install, with a plastic outer shell complete with reflectors that slpis over a mild steel core and is locked into position with security locks. Damaged sleeves can be replaced within a couple of minutes with minimum disruption to car park and pedestrian areas.

The bollards are also DDA compliant making them very user friendly.

Just another example of a bollard out of our vast range.

TfL Bollard

Bollards for London
A recent addition to our range of Bollards to be seen on the streets of London is the catchy titled Transport for London (TfL) type 10 Bollard!!
The TFL Bollard
Pictured here in a black painted finish.

There is the option of having the bollard with a highly visible reflector installed in the cast in recess ( shown below) and is recommended in areas of high pedestrian flows.
If this option is taken up the bollard is then DDA (Disabllity Discrimination Act) compliant.

The Bollard tapers slightly in its design and is approved and recommeded for use in the Streetscape Guidance 2009 Palette of materials manual in the Greater London area.
We also supply the same bollard in a hardwood timber (all from sustainable sources)  so they can be used in suburban and suburban rural areas.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Solar Powered Sign Light Unit

The all new Solar powered sign light unit.
This brand new unit is unique in the market place as it is a self contained unit that fixes to the top of a post above the sign. There is no other fittings or leads to the base of the post required.This makes the installing of this light unit an absolute doddle!

The solar panel should be directed to a southerly direction to maximise the suns potential.
The solar panel is photocelled so will turn on and off automatically as required, therefore extending the life of the battery.

Once this is done and all fixing secure, its all done!!
The light unit is installed with 6 high output 1 watt LED lamps throwing out sufficient light so that it conforms to BS EN 12899:2007 luminance specification.

Contact our sales on 01189 404717 for further details.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Waitrose Bollards

The brand new Waitrose store in Bracknell has just been completed, furnishing its new Car Park with our Waitrose Bollard.

Its a very environmentally friendly choice as the bollard has "eco" credentials being entirely made from 100% recycled Polyethylene.
The Waitrose Bollard is easily fitted onto a mild steel core, making the bollard very resilient to knocks. The bollards come with reflectors pre installed making the Bollard totally DDA  compliant.

The Bollards can also be supplied with a lockable socket for making the bollards totally removable should the need arise.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New Illuminated Nightowl

The First Photos of the long awaited Illuminated Nightowl Bollard

Shown here above in our reception area with the office lighting switched on.

Now with the lighting off. As you can see the complete bollard shows up well even with ambient lighting.
The bollard comes complete with a duct box (minimum IP67 rated) housing the factory sealed lighting circuit. 
The bollard is powered by a new generation LED bulb with super efficient  circuit to make it the most cost efficient bollard in the marketplace.

For a demonstration please contact our offices on 01189 404717.

New Recycled Seating Design

A fresh new style Stainless Steel Seat complete with recycled wooden slats.
The new type of 100% recycled material which is composed from 50% sawdust & 50% HDPE.
It also offers great weather resistance & low water absorption, impervious to rot and wood eating organisms. Fireproof resistance and crack resistant.
New Recycled Seating

The finish shown above during production is Iroko finish with a smooth sanded finish.
The finish on this recycled product is so realistic, we should name the bench
"I cant believe this is recycled!"

Along with the Fresh appearance of the Stainless Steel framework, we are very pleased with the final product, being a great looking seat and helping towards the environment!