Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Waitrose Height Restriction Barrier

Waitrose Car Park in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire

New to Gerrards Cross is the Waitrose Supermarket with a handy car park which has now had our custom made Waitrose height restriction barrier installed to control the type of vehicles that will have access to park. 

This model finished in a black powder coated finish ( to match the weather for the day the photo was taken) has the option of being able to be opened fully via a padlock fixing.
The beams simply hinge back and can be locked in the open position if required, with additional catch posts for access by emergency vehicles etc.

The barriers are all custom made to customers requirements for height and width, another option available is a knocking bar which hangs below the horizontal bar to act as a warning to over height vehicles of the liklehood of being too high for the barrier.
Please contact our sales on 01189 404717 for any further information.