Friday, 18 May 2012

LED Nightowl baselit self righting Bollards Hit the Streets

First Pictures of the all New LED Self Righting Nightowl base lit bollard installed last week.
The bollards are  fixed securely to the Duct box that comes with the unit.
The Highly efficient 7.5W power consumption LED unit is of course controlled by photocell saving power during daylight hours.

The new  Nightowl is one of the new generation reflective Self Righting Bollard (SRB) whilst being retro reflective and can take impact after impact where other bollards would start to give up!!

The Night Owl bollard has passed the following British Standards:
BS 8442:2006(14) for Retro Reflective Self Righting Bollards
BS12767 Passive Safety of Non Harmful Structures (70,NE,4)
BS EN 12899-2:2006 5.6.4 Torsion Test
Approved by the DfT (Department for Transport). 

The design is to match the standard Nightowl retro reflective self righting Bollard to allow harmonised schemes of both illuminated and non illuminated products.

For any further information please contact our sales office on 01189 404717.

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