Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ridgeback Cycle Stand

Question: When is a Pedigree Ridgeback dog not a dog?
On the catwalk today is Jameson,
 rakishly sporting a azure blue collar, setting off his dark sultry eyes!

Answer: When it is a all New Cycle Stand!!

Not sporting a blue collar,
 but fully signed up TfL style reflective cycle parking logos.

The stand is a Black cast polyurethane moulding onto a steel core for additional strength.
The stand requires virtually zero maintenance and being made of polyurethane is very robust, but very kind to the cycles that use it as they will never get scratched by these stands.
The design also incorporates a ridge design on the top bar, which helps keep padlock chains in place, so as they do not slide along the bar and scratch the cycles parked.

The Ridgeback Cycle Stand the Doggys Do Das of the Cycle Parking World!!

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